Financial Development Analysis of Economic Growth in ASEAN


  • Ayulia Yolanda Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia
  • Sri Ulfa Sentosa Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia



Economic Growth, Domestic Credit to Privat Sector, Bank Overhead Cost to Total Assets, Stock Prices Volatility, Loand Net Bank to GDP.


This study aims to analyze the effect of domestic credit to private sector, bank overhead cost to total assets, stock prices volatility and loand net bank to GDP on economic growth in ASEAN, research countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam during the period 2001-2020 by applying the panel equation analysis method. An important finding in this study is that domestic credit to the private sector has a negative and significant impact on economic growth in ASEAN, while bank overhead costs to total assets affect economic growth positively and significantly in ASEAN. Furthermore, stock price volatility affects economic growth negatively and is significantly influenced in ASEAN and net bank loans to GDP affects economic growth positively and significantly in ASEAN. This study recommends that policy makers need to seek appropriate economic strategies to increase economic growth from the aspect of financial development.


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Yolanda, A. ., & Sentosa, S. U. . (2023). Financial Development Analysis of Economic Growth in ASEAN. ENDLESS: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FUTURE STUDIES, 6(3), 58–66.