The Dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Realities


  • Aslan Denis Istanbul Bilgi University


Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle Eastern geopolitics, Peace initiatives, International law, Colonial legacies, National narratives


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most enduring and complex geopolitical issues in modern history. This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the conflict from its early 20th-century origins to the current state of affairs. Through a methodical review of historical documents, peace agreements, international law, and current geopolitical analyses, we seek to understand the underlying dynamics that have fueled the conflict and the various factors contributing to its persistence. We examine the impact of colonial legacies, the role of international actors, the implications of national narratives, and the influence of socio-economic and religious factors. The study also evaluates the efficacy of past and present peace initiatives, considering the obstacles and breakthroughs. Our findings suggest that a multifaceted approach, which includes acknowledgment of historical grievances, consideration of socio-economic inequities, and engagement with broader regional dynamics, is essential for any potential resolution. The study aims to contribute to the scholarly discourse by providing a nuanced perspective of the conflict, thereby enhancing the framework within which international efforts towards peace can be understood and pursued. The implications of this study are significant for policymakers, scholars, and stakeholders involved in conflict resolution and Middle Eastern geopolitics.


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